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Sep 5Forethought
Sep 6Annuit Coeptis
Sep 7The Other Kind of Fair
Sep 8Twenty Dollars
Sep 9Gitmo Out Of It
Sep 10Police State
Sep 11Twin Tower Mattress Sale
Sep 12Pneumonia
Sep 13George Washingtron
Sep 14Jefferson Memorial
Sep 15Gift Basket of Deplorables
Sep 16Make America Great Again
Sep 17Nixon Bashing
Sep 18Who’s Chester A Arthur?
Sep 19The Arbiter of Chaos
Sep 20A Magnificent Wall
Sep 21Skittles
Sep 22Trust Issues
Sep 23Here Comes The Sun
Sep 24Balance
Sep 25Debate Prep
Sep 26Negativity
Sep 27Stronger Together
Sep 28Temperament
Sep 29The Ol’ James Buchanan Try
Sep 30An Effective President
Oct 1A Pretty Good Team
Oct 2The Buck Stops Here
Oct 3Robocall Loves You
Oct 4Vice Presidential Debate
Oct 5October Surprise
Oct 7The Reaganomics of Synergy
Oct 8The Election of 1828
Oct 9Father of Daughters
Oct 10Honest Abe
Oct 11Columbus Day
Oct 12The Art of the Deal
Oct 13State la Vie
Oct 14Hashtag Repeal the 19th
Oct 15Demagoguery
Oct 16Wrong Direction
Oct 17Rigged
Oct 18Exhibition Accomplished
Oct 19Artistic Expression
Oct 20The Best Portrait
Oct 21Existrumpialism
Oct 22Behind a Gym
Oct 23What to Expect When You’re Electing
Oct 24Batman Now More Than Ever
Oct 25Halloween Spirit
Oct 26Trick or Treat Yourself
Oct 27A Few Of My Favorite Things
Oct 28Protest Something
Oct 29Unforeseen Circumstances
Oct 30Manifest DAPL-ny
Oct 31Klanbusters
Nov 1Smile
Nov 2Patriotic Responsibility
Nov 3An Election Carol: Part One
Nov 4An Election Carol: Part Two
Nov 5An Election Carol: Part Three
Nov 6An Election Carol: Part Four
Nov 7An Election Carol: Part Five
Nov 8Election Day 2016
Nov 9The Tammany Tiger is Loose
Nov 10Obama Beer Summit or Drinkin’ with Lincoln
Nov 11In Love With The Hunt
Nov 12Presidential Help
Nov 13American Born
Nov 14Stop It
Nov 15Defending the Defended
Nov 16Yellow Journalism
Nov 17Memes
Nov 18Give Chaos A Chance
Nov 21Bipartisanship
Nov 22Media Challenge: DAPL Protests
Nov 23One Man’s Struggle is Another Man’s Vacation
Nov 24Thanksgiving Tips
Nov 25Unlikely Allies
Nov 28Breaking News
Nov 29The Garfield Doctrine
Nov 30Recount
Dec 1The Compromise of 1877
Dec 2Man in the Mirror
Dec 5Let’s Talk China
Dec 6Fake News: or, the Death of Real News
Dec 7The Drone Ranger
Dec 8Biden His Time
Dec 9Precious Little Snowflakes
Dec 12Win Like Trump
Dec 13Hamilton Electors
Dec 14Francophile
Dec 15Tsars and Stripes
Dec 16беспредел
Dec 19Love the Poorly Educated
Dec 20A Bunch of Jackasses
Dec 21Desperate Measures
Dec 22War on Christmas
Dec 23The Other War on Christmas
Dec 26Out With the Old, In With the Nuclear
Dec 27Madison Has Concerns
Dec 28Russian Hijinx
Dec 29Twenty Sixteen
Dec 30New Year, New You