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Jan 1Liberty Bell
Jan 2Shutdown and Shut Up
Jan 4We The People – Veto Override
Jan 7Down the Middle
Jan 8National Emergency
Jan 15Joshua Trees
Jan 17He Shall From Time to Time
Jan 21Promises of Democracy
Jan 22Killing Hitler
Jan 23Fraudulent Treaties and Brutal Force
Jan 25Let Them Borrow Cake
Jan 28Government Reopened
Jan 29Laissez-faire
Jan 30Second Bill of Rights
Feb 1Divine Nomination
Feb 4Movie Night
Feb 5Two Men Standing
Feb 7Choose Greatness
Feb 8Flag Pins
Feb 9Tippecanoe and Tyler Too
Feb 11De Re Romantica
Feb 12On War and Investigations
Feb 13Potential Third Party Candidates
Feb 14The Light Has Gone Out of My Life
Feb 15Activity Page 650!
Feb 18A Holiday of the People, by the People
Feb 20Barbara Jordan
Feb 25Two Approaches, One Goal
Feb 26Debate Me
Feb 27Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
Feb 28On The World Stage
Mar 4David Rice Atchison
Mar 7Hug the Flag
Mar 11Susan B. Anthony
Mar 12HR1
Mar 13On the Merits
Mar 14White Guy
Mar 15From the Diary of John Quincy Adams
Mar 18Mugwumps
Mar 19Rising Threats
Mar 24E Pluribus Nunes
Mar 25Constitutional Report
Mar 27Reporting on the Report
Mar 28Nixoncare
Mar 29His Accidency
Apr 3Border Disorder
Apr 4Bucklew v. ­Precythe
Apr 10Chicle
Apr 15Mount Vernon
Apr 16John Adams Memorial Commission
Apr 18Never Enough
Apr 23Slap In The Face
Apr 29Revolution Referral
Apr 30Age of Presidents
May 20Graduation Season
May 21Covode Committee
May 22Patents
May 23Alternating Currency
May 27War Criminals
May 28Existential Questions
May 30El Presidente Cigar Club
Jun 3Petty Officer
Jun 6D-Day 75
Jun 7The War on Tariffs
Jun 9Founding Father’s Day
Jun 11Lock Them Up!
Jun 12Straight Pride Parade
Jun 14Pledge of Allegiance
Jun 17Just Saying
Jun 18Crash the Party
Jun 19Concentration Camps
Jun 21Biden 2020
Jun 25Chance For Peace
Jun 28Stonewall
Jun 29Elizabeth Warren Has A Plan For That
Jul 1Forced Trooping
Jul 2Burying the Leadership
Jul 4Salute to America
Jul 15Antiflag
Jul 16Anti-Federalists
Jul 20Over the Moon
Jul 24We The People – Article II
Jul 26How an Amendment Gets Ratified
Jul 27Polling Data
Jul 30Join, or Bye.
Jul 31Bleeding Kansas
Aug 674 Years
Aug 7Death Penalty
Aug 13Lesser Eagle
Aug 14Public Charge
Aug 16Snake in the Grassroots
Sep 2Labor Day 2019
Sep 3Headliner of State
Sep 5Whataboutism
Sep 22Uncle Sam: American Zeitgeist – 18
Sep 23Oil You Glad I Didn’t Say…
Sep 24The Diplomech
Sep 27Repeachment
Sep 30Civil War-like Fracture
Oct 1We The People – Impeachment
Oct 2Stroke of Bad Luck
Oct 14True&False – Christopher Columbus
Oct 21Edith Wilson: First Female President
Oct 23Emolu-meal
Oct 24Feel the Bern
Oct 25If IF was a SCIF
Oct 28Lights Up
Oct 29Between a Stock and a Home Base
Oct 31Liquid Assets
Nov 4Santa Ana Winds
Nov 5Philanthropy
Nov 6Humane Prisons
Nov 7The Sadness of Mr. Economy
Nov 8The Log Cabin and Hard Cider Campaign
Nov 9Berlin Wall
Nov 11Armistice Day
Nov 12Of the People
Nov 14Teddy Bear
Nov 15Billy Possum
Nov 17Hello Bill!
Nov 18Yes We Can, As Amended
Nov 19The Apathy of Hope
Nov 21Flier Side Chat
Nov 26Judicial Review
Nov 27Marbury V. Madison
Nov 28Activity Page 750!
Dec 3Covode Report
Dec 4Electability
Dec 10Too Big To Fail
Dec 18The Case for Impeachment
Dec 19Roll Call Vote