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Jan 6Weaker of the House
Jan 11Catch a Coup
Jan 13Presidents Love Documents
Jan 14Eco-Friendly Warfare
Jan 15F-35
Jan 16Stay Dreamin’
Jan 17Binge-reading
Jan 18Jefferson+
Jan 19Presidential Town Hall of Woodrow Wilson
Jan 20Inexplicably Contrary
Jan 21Foxy Edits
Jan 22Roe V Wade 50
Jan 23National Debt
Jan 24Extraordinary Measures
Jan 25Reform Retrenchment and Economy
Jan 26Executive Order 10290
Jan 27Personal Stockpile
Jan 28Front Lines and Bottom Lines
Jan 30Full Dinner Pail
Jan 31What Would Give Your Life the Fullest Dinner Pail?
Feb 1Guano Islands Act
Feb 2Take Advice From Teddy
Feb 3Civil Governor of the Philippines
Feb 4War Balloons
Feb 5Shoot it Down!
Feb 6Speech from the Throne
Feb 7Relief From the Embarrassment of Immediate Answers
Feb 8Make No Mistake
Feb 9Paranoia Gatekeeper
Feb 10British Army Community Bake Sale
Feb 11It’s Not Easy Being Redcoat
Feb 12Are You Ready For Some Football?
Feb 13So… Again…
Feb 14Poetic License
Feb 15Nixon Goes to ZyxXina
Feb 16Constitutionally Fun
Feb 17ABCs of Government
Feb 18On the Phone with Mike Pence
Feb 19As a Matter of Faction
Feb 20Roosevelts are Red
Feb 21National Divorce
Feb 22Fleas
Feb 23Your Ever Faithfull Friend
Feb 24Atlas of Independence
Feb 25Studying Latin
Feb 26Under Pressure
Feb 27What is Your Favorite Comic?
Feb 28Do Not Call
Mar 1James Garfield meets an AI
Mar 2Savory Influence of Universal Education
Mar 3Machine Learning
Mar 4March 4th
Mar 5Selective Outrage
Mar 6Abusing the Blessings of Liberty
Mar 7Tough on Crime
Mar 8Self-Care
Mar 9Policeman in the Opera
Mar 10Benjamin Harrison Tells a Joke
Mar 11Centennial President
Mar 12End Daylight Savings
Mar 13Seizure Salad
Mar 14Bailout
Mar 15A Very Specific Case
Mar 16Core Mission
Mar 17Same Time, Next Crisis Cycle
Mar 18Bold Glory
Mar 19True Passion
Mar 20Disasterpiece
Mar 21A Madison For All Seasons
Mar 22Veto Power
Mar 23Captivating Sounds
Mar 24Strict Constructionist
Mar 25Originalism Versus Constructionism
Mar 26Infrastructure Week
Mar 27Destroy the Deep State
Mar 28Convenient Scapegoat
Mar 29Deep Thoughts From the Deep State
Mar 30Gun Safety
Mar 31Arrest the President
Apr 1The Saga of Bold Glory Continues
Apr 2Pardon Me
Apr 3When the President Does It
Apr 4Confederate Heritage Month
Apr 5Andrew Jackson in Jail
Apr 6White Man’s Government
Apr 7Decorum
Apr 8The Other Tennessee Three
Apr 9White House Easter Egg Roll
Apr 10Gift Disclosure
Apr 11I’m Not a Crook
Apr 12Fold This Bill
Apr 13Unalienable and Inalienable
Apr 14With Malice Toward None
Apr 15Brink of Collapse
Apr 16Our First and Greatest Revolutionary Character
Apr 17Gentleman and Soldier
Apr 18Talents? You Will Say, What Talents?
Apr 19Virginian Old Dominionism
Apr 20Favorable Anecdotes
Apr 21Talents and Weaknesses
Apr 22Talent of His Taciturnity
Apr 23Positive Spin
Apr 30Nothing To Campaign About
May 1Beat ‘Em To a Frazzle!
May 3Taft and Forward
Oct 25Drums of War