Today, I’m officially announcing my candidacy for U.S. Congress in California’s 30th Congressional District.

I’m running because it’s not enough to vote a certain way, or saying all the right things, but because we’ve seen in the last several years what needs to be done is all hands on deck to preserve our country from runaway injustice. We need someone who will actively fight for progressive change in the San Fernando Valley. Who will work every single day to protect civil rights, hold those in power accountable, build an economy that works for everyone, and engage with the communities to get the job done.

With a lifetime of interest in civic engagement and local governments, proudly serving as President of the Studio City Neighborhood Council, and now years of creating Two Party Opera (and will continue to), I humbly toss my hat into the ring and ask for your support.

Click below for more information, see where I stand on the issues, and sign up for updates as we move forward:

And lastly, I want to thank the readers of Two Party Opera for their level of dedication and years of insightful conversations about civics and patriotism. Please trust me when I say that I take a lot of my inspiration for the goodness of our citizenry and the want for something better from all of you.