George Washington’s “Ten Talents” according to the letter from John Adams, now in full:

  1. A handsome face.
  2. A tall stature.
  3. An elegant form.
  4. Graceful attitudes and movements.
  5. A large imposing fortune.
  6. Washington was a Virginian (this is equivalent to Five Talents).
  7. Washington was preceded by favorable anecdotes.
  8. He possessed the gift of silence.
  9. He had great self command.
  10. When he’d lose his temper, people would hide it from being known to the world.


↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Thomas Jefferson and John Adams are caught talking behind George Washington's back.
Jefferson: "Washington! We were just non-sarcastically talking about your many talents."
Adams: "For instance, your great self command!"

Panel 2:
a big CAPTION covers the scene: "George Washington's "Tenth Talent," "Whenever he lost his temper as he did Sometimes, either Love or fear in those about him induced them to conceal his Weakness from the World." According to John Adams, in a letter to Benjamin Rush, November 11, 1807.

Panel 3:
Washington has left. Jefferson and Adams both look like they've been caught in a tornado.
Jefferson: "Wow. I've never seen him so angry..."
Adams: "Let's keep this between us."