I have an odd fascination with the paintings of George W. Bush.

After serving two very transformative terms for our country, he immediately disappeared from the public eye for years and developed a hobby for very crude oil paintings of world leaders. And i love them. Seriously, as bizarre as they are, you can see the process of someone just trying to get back to a simple life, and yet one who has the kind of life experience where mere paintings of flowers would be impossible.

The first one I saw was a self portrait in the shower, looking boyishly in a small mirror. And even though the means of getting it (I believe it was part of a hack) was terrible, it gave a human dimension of a man I railed against for years. As an unabashed fan of presidents, it was refreshing.

One of my goals is to own a George W. Bush original. Until that happens, I’m very excited for this book that’s coming out.