Fourteen presidents were former Vice Presidents and here they are, crammed into a single panel.

So unlike apparently most of you (looking at the ratings numbers), I watched the VP debate, and watched in horror as Tim Kaine lost badly in a contest to decide if American are ready for blatant fascism. Yes, in the debate that I watched, Mike Pence won hands-down.

I know it’s easy to say that Pence lied his way through the entire thing, but that’s not the point. In his calmness and discipline, Pence seemed rationale and so did his policies. That’s dangerous when you have an opponent that smiled his way through serious issues and tried to pad his position with non-jokes and Democratic talking points.

“Oh, you guys love Russia” says nothing toward the actual issue. “Why did he break his promise (with his tax returns)” came off as a hurt little boy instead of pointing out the real issue – that Trump potentially has major conflicts of interest and split loyalties with foreign countries. These are arguments that need to be laid down first before you can make jokes about it.

Debates are about using facts as a weapon. Short of that, it’s about appearing as a leader, both tasks that Tim Kaine failed spectacularly at. The only good thing I can see about this whole ordeal is that there’s only one Vice Presidential debate.

But I suppose we’all see this side of Mike Pence again when he is the de-facto nominee for 2020.