↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
James Garfield holding Bell's Box Telephone.
Garfield: "Technological advancement is truly a blessing. Look at this commercially available telephone. First of its kind! A blessing!"

Panel 2:
A massive industrial robot enters, complete with light bulbs, gears, panels, and wires, with a main face that looks like a telephone number keypad. This is an AI chatbot.
Garfield: "Hello there. And what kind of World's Fair treasure might you be?"
Chatbot: "I am an Artificial Intelligence chatbot. Ask me anything."

Panel 3:
Garfield: "Got any good James A. Garfield jokes?"
Chatbot: "Processing…"

Panel 4:
Chatbot: "Why didn't James A. Garfield give up on civil service reform? He wasn't a 'spoils-sport.'"
Garfield: "Do you write speeches?"