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Two Party Opera Opinion Polls
Comics have played an important part in American history, so we asked everyday American voters: What is your favorite comic?

Abigail Adams, first Second Lady and second First Lady, "I enjoy the drawings of Dr. Benjamin Franklin."

Ulysses S. Grant, won first place in the 1868 election, "two things elected me, the sword of Sheridan and the pencil of Thomas Nast."

James Garfield, specifically hates one Monday: Sept. 19, 1881, "I've never even owned an orange cat!"

Richard Nixon, we'll always have Nixon to kick around, "any comic not signed by Herblock."

Franklin D. Roosevelt, President for 90% of U.S. fighting in WWII, "when Captain America punched Hitler in the face."

Chief Justice Roger Taney, author of the Dred Scott Decision, "I love Dilbert."