↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Old John Quincy Adams recounts while his memories play in the background.
John Quincy Adams: "My honored mother, Abigail Adams, always warned me against failure."
Abigail Adams: "If you indulge yourself in the practise of any foible or vice in youth, it will gain strength with your years and become your conquerer."

Panel 2:
John Quincy Adams: "While my father, John Adams, always pushed me to be exceptional."
John Adams: "If you do not rise to the head not only of your own profession, but of your country, it will be owing to your own laziness, slovenliness and obstinacy."

Panel 3:
John Quincy Adams: "Be ambitious! Be brilliant! No room for error! How was I to handle so much pressure?!"
Young John Quincy Adams: "I don’t know, how do other 10 years olds assist diplomatic envoys to France?"