Something a little different this week and after working on it for a while, I’m very excited to finally go live.

“The Baltimore Plot” will be the first in hopefully many “Two Party Opera stories” that appear from time to time. Instead of presidents talking to one another, this is about focusing on one story around one president and the events that unfolded. Mini documentary theatre. Plus, more characters! If there was one thing I always thought Two Party Opera was lacking, it’s not enough characters.

It’s also an exercise in adaptation. The Baltimore Plot is a historical thriller, with lots of twists and intrigue. I will take all of that intrigue and see how well it fits within a 5-day story arc. That being said, I’m also trying to keep it historically accurate, for the most part. I work in Hollywood, so a few of the details are going to get ironed out for the sake of the format, and since I’ve found it difficult to find any sort of physical description of Harry Davies, he’s going to be played by Clark Gable as Rhett Butler.

So settle in, kids! And please enjoy this week of Two Party Opera: The Baltimore Plot.