When friends of mine or people commenting on the Two Party Opera GoComics page start to feel the despair of the daily news, I’ll often give the advice to run for public office. And I never mean it in a hypothetical sense, it’s something I honestly believe – that we have the right to become the government that we want.

Last night, I put that to the test for myself. Encouraged by my wife, Stephanie, I had decided to throw my hat into the ring for an empty seat on my local neighborhood council.

And I’m happy and honored to tell you that I won. I’m now a councilmember representing Studio City for the city of Los Angeles. It may not be a big fancy title or a position that comes with any sort of notoriety, but even with the constant stream of negative national news, I will, at least, work hard to make my own neighborhood the best it can be.

Imagine if even more, different people ran for public office. Change happens local and we can all do this together.