Jeff Sessions announced his Religious Liberty Task Force yesterday where he spoke of America’s founding principle of practicing any type of Christianity you choose. And a quick sentence about how the Department of Justice prosecuted two men for crimes targeted at mosques, which I assume was done for plausible deniability that this isn’t for convincing a 70%+ majority that they are under attack because of contraception and not being allowed to say “Merry Christmas.”

But of course, no speech would be complete without some cherry-picked quotes from Thomas Jefferson, affirming to Jeff Session’s opinion, his want for a Christian nation.

I could cherry-pick my own quotes, of course, but I’ll hold off on that and just hope that if we are to have a real Religious Liberty Task Force, it will be to protect all peoples of all religions.

I won’t hold my breath.

But at least this gave me the opportunity to point out that Jefferson did, in fact, own a Qur’an and studied it in a very Age of Enlightenment way of learning about other cultures (which was also unavoidable considering how upwards of 20% of the enslaved population was Muslim).