↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
John Tyler holds a handwritten protest sign that reads "Liberty & Equality are captivating sounds; but they often captivate to destroy -John Tyler 2/17/1820"
Tyler says "People often think constructionism is the same as originalism."

Panel 2:
John Tyler holds another handwritten protest sign that reads "We have fallen on evil times & the day of doom for the great republic is at hand. - John Tyler Nov. 1860"
Tyler says "The two are actually very different! Originalism is about what the written words mean. Constructionism is about what the words mean as written."

Panel 3:
Abraham Lincoln comes in, holding a well designed protest sign that reads "Acting righteous about legal theory is always easier than having principals. -John Tyler, just now."
Lincoln says "Mind if I join in?"
Tyler, seeing the sign, says "Oooo! Where'd you get those fonts?"