↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Madison: "Exposing civics to children is key to an engaged democracy in the future. We need an "ABCs of Government."
Jefferson: "I'll dig out the signing crayons."

Panel 2:
Madison: "Legislators are like consonants. There are a lot of them and they spell out the laws. But the vowels of the Executive Branch make them readable as words.
Above Madison's head are the words "Advise and consent" with consonants and vowels tagged with different colors.

Panel 3:
Jefferson: "What about the Supreme Court?"
Madison: "They are... numbers! Of course, that's why there are nine of them. This is not a perfect ananlogy."

Panel 4:
Jefferson: "The Vice President is an officer in both the legislative and executive branch."
Madison: "Like the honorable letter 'Y.'"