Hillary Clinton is coming back with “What Happened,” her memoir on the 2016 election. Yesterday, she released two audio segments – one as an introduction, and the other to describe what was going through her head during the second debate when it seemed like Donald Trump kept stalking her around the stage.

It’s interesting that was one of the segments chosen to introduce the style of the book. Knowing Clinton’s tendency for careful planning, I’m sure this was no accident. With all the debate around giving power to white supremacists and his fitness to serve the office – it’s a direct attack to remind us that Trump is still a sexist bully with a problematic past of trying to (at best) intimidate women. Don’t let that fact get lost in the chaos of Lost Cause statues and Twitter tantrums.

So while some are arguing that the release of this book is to serve the purpose of re-litigating the election results (from almost a year ago, at this point), I’m just hoping for a memoir with some guts.