From John Adams to Benjamin Rush, November 11, 1807:

6. Washington was a Virginian. This is equivalent to five Talents. Virginian Geese are all Swans. Not a Bearne in Scotland is more national, not a Lad upon the High Lands is more clannish, than every Virginian I have ever known. They trumpet one another with the most pompous and mendacious Panegyricks. The Phyladelphians and New Yorkers who are local and partial enough to themselves are meek and modest in Comparison with Virginian Old Dominionism. Washington of course was extolled without bounds.


↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Adams: "It is as I wrote to Benjamin Rush, “Washington is a Virginian.”"
Jefferson: "What’s wrong with that?"

Panel 2:
Adams: "“That is equivalent to five talents.”"
Jefferson: "I liked your jokes when they weren’t also about me."

Panel 3:
Adams: ""Virginian geese are all swans.""
Jefferson: "Don’t listen to him, Swanny, he’s just jealous of your homemade quill pens!"
Goose: "HONK"