It’s worth noting that under the Marjorie Taylor Greene “National Divorce” proposal for a new Ordinance of Secession, her own state of Georgia would be included in “Liberal America,” considering the 2020 electoral map. So is this a one time map draw? Do we keep moving the boundaries around as demographics change?

Why does Abraham Lincoln always have to clean up after James Buchanan?

↓ Transcript
Location: Lincoln Memorial

Panel 1:
Abraham Lincoln is reading the National Gazette, a newspaper with the headline "National Divorce." James Buchanan is nearby.
Lincoln: "Marjorie Taylor Greene is calling for a 'national divorce' of red states and blue states. I thought I made myself clear on this."
Buchanan: "You worry too much."

Panel 2:
Abraham Lincoln leans into the puny-framed James Buchanan.
Lincoln: "Some of us can't accommodate confederate madness like you can, Buchanan."
Buchanan: "There are things in my control and things out of my control. That doesn’t mean I accommodate secessionists."

Panel 3:
James Buchanan is suddenly holding a framed copy of the 2020 Electoral College map with red states and blue states colored in, divided by dashed boundaries.
Lincoln: "You've already designed the surrender maps!"
Buchanan: "Booking Mason and Dixon before the busy surveyor season was in my control."