Happy March 4th!

Franklin Roosevelt would be the last President to be sworn in on March 4th, which happened on this day 90 years ago.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
James Madison is happy on the inside. Franklin Roosevelt is with him.
Madison: "March 4th always has a special place in my heart."
Roosevelt: "Tell them the reason for the season, Madison."

Panel 2:
Madison: "Today in 1789, our Constitution took affect and the Federal Government as we know it today opened for business. Establishing March 4th as inauguration day until ratification of the 20th amendment."

Panel 3:
Madison: "Decided by the previous Confederation Congress: "the first Wednesday in March next be the time and the present seat of Congress the place for commencing proceedings under the said constitution.”

Panel 4:
Roosevelt: "I would have written it “March Forth to the New Constitution!”"
Madison: "Yeah, the Confederation Congress could have used a Committee of Style."