The Republican Party’s new gun policy these days is throwing up their hands and saying “welp! That’s just the way it goes!” Celebrating the fact that their prophesy of the “good guy with a gun” came true for once, while ignoring the two dozen dead people drowning in thoughts and prayers.

And of course, we’re still in the “no politicizing tragedy” window from the last mass shooting so any talk about how things might be better, is met with the accusation that we want to repeal the Second Amendment. Or some argument about gun violence in Chicago that only makes sense if you don’t think about it for more than five seconds.

Ho hum. Ho hum. Same thing over and over. I guess we’re all comfortable with this, right? Everything’s working just fine.

The good news is what came out of Election Day last night. Maybe we can have a country and also not want to have everyone walking around with targets on their backs.

Yesterday was the result of work. Democratic republic type of work. The kind of work that we need to see in 2018.

Get hungry.