We interrupt celebrations for President Trump’s birthday to wish you all a Happy Flag Day!

On May 13, 1916, in the middle of fighting World War I, Woodrow Wilson declared that June 14 will now be celebrated as Flag Day to commemorate that day in 1777 when the “Stars and Stripes” was officially adopted as the flag of the United States. When the press asked him about the legend of Betsy Ross, Wilson replied “Would that it was true!”

Sure enough, there’s no historical record of who designed the flag. The story of Betsy Ross comes from her grandson who had the story passed down to him through other members of the family. It was 1876 and America was hungry for myths and legends for its centennial.

Truth is, Betsy Ross was one of several flag makers in Philadelphia for the Continental Army at the time, so it’s not completely without merit. Could George Washington have entered the house and commissioned Betsy Ross for the job? There’s no proof it didn’t happen and the flag had to be designed by someone!