This comic goes out to Tennessee state representatives Justin Jones, Justin J. Pearson, and Gloria Johnson for standing up to address gun violence. I believe today is when the Tennessee House of Representatives is due to hold a vote to expel those three members — a notch closer to the kind of “White Man’s Government” that President (and former Tennessee governor) Andrew Johnson dreamed about.

Keep an open eye for what your state legislatures are voting on. Today the Tennessee State Government will decide its own balance of power. Who needs gerrymandering if you can just blink out entire districts of people?

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
At the 2PO Presidential Townhall of Andrew Johnson.
Johnson: "I believed the white basis of representation to be most just and most in accordance with the spirit of our institutions."

Panel 2:
Johnson: "I was then, as I am now, for a white man's government."
Caption: said by Andrew Johnson. Franklin, TN. August 22, 1863.

Panel 3:
An audience member is seen in the audience holding a microphone and says "Um... I don't think that answers my question."
Johnson: "Is this not the Tennessee House of Representatives? I thought I was submitting a public comment."