Grover Cleveland insisted on carrying out the two executions that were done on his watch as Erie County Sheriff. It made him so sick, he only lasted on term before going back into law. For my part, as someone who’s anti-death penalty, I do have a lot of respect for Cleveland for thinking that if it “had to be done,” then he should be the one to do it. Some people love to hype up state-backed killings, but would shrivel at the thought of pulling the lever themselves. Not Stephen Grover “Big Steve” Cleveland! And certainly the “Buffalo Hangman” would never be accused of not being “tough on crime,” whatever that means.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
The 22nd President, Grover Cleveland, hangs out with the 24th President, a slightly older Grover Cleveland.
Cleveland-22: "Second term Grover Cleveland, can you believe they still say democrats are soft on crime?"
Cleveland-24: "That’s outrageous, First term Grover Cleveland! We love the brutal force of justice!"

Panel 2:
Cleveland-22: "We’re so tough on crime that as Erie County Sheriff, we handled the executions personally!"
Cleveland-24: "And how’d that make us feel? tough?"

Panel 3:
Cleveland-22: "Oh it was so awful… just… so brutal…"
Cleveland-24: "Do we need a hug?"