Ted Cruz, super conservative, is pleading for a quick passage of a Hurricane Harvey disaster relief bill. And it should absolutely be passed as quickly as possible. But the problem is, during Hurricane Sandy, he had quite the opposite opinion since the disaster in question didn’t affect his home state directly.

He claims, as late as this week, that the 2013 bill was filled with “pork” and 2/3rds had nothing to do with the relief effort. Of course, the 2/3rds of the $50-million budget that he was talking about was for future preventive disaster relief and a 20-month plan to rebuild and serve affected areas. I personally think those things are just as important as the immediate funding demand and have everything to do with disaster relief.

Vox has a handy list if you’re looking to help: https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2017/8/27/16211642/hurricane-harvey-donations-charities-disaster-relief