The full quote from Lili’uokalani from 1917 is wonderful:

“I could not turn back the time for the political change, but there is still time to save our heritage. You must remember never to cease to act because you fear you may fail. The way to lose any earthly kingdom is to be inflexible, intolerant and prejudicial. Another way is to be too flexible, tolerant of too many wrongs and without judgment at all. It is a razor’s edge. It is the width of a blade of pili grass. To gain the kingdom of heaven is to hear what is not said, to see what cannot be seen, and to know the unknowable, that is Aloha. All things in this world are two; in heaven there is but one.”

Thank you for joining me with another 2PO story this past week (despite my own delays in keeping up with it).

If you’re joining the Women’s March, be safe, be patriotic, and pack water! I’ll be marching here in Los Angeles alongside with Jess Phoenix and her campaign team to elect her to the House of Representatives in the California 25th!

If anyone reads 2PO that is employed by the federal government, stay strong and hope a solution will be found before Monday. And if anyone reads this that is a DACA recipient, stay strong as well – we’re fighting for you.