Happy Independence Day to all! Even if you’re British (we’re all good now, come celebrate with us!)

Even though I had alluded to the document not even being signed until starting August 2nd, we celebrate the 4th of July since that’s the day the Declaration of Independence was finalized and approved once all the wording and amendments were perfect (we had officially declared our independence two days before that). To add to the fun, we didn’t even start celebrating Independence Day until the War of 1812 ushered in a new wave of patriotism (we were too busy trying to construct a new government to worry about holidays.)

Another myth is that the Liberty Bell was rang after it was approved. I find the truth much more interesting: it didn’t ring, but mainly because the founding fathers were trying to keep mass treason on the down low.

So have a good time with family, your friends, and stay safe out there today! Be courteous when using fireworks around veterans, and enjoy this patriotic tradition of celebrating our nation’s birth.