The fifth installation of the Bold Glory series.

What could it all mean? What does anything mean?

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Caption: The ongoing saga of “Bold Glory” continues...
Democrat Donkey and Republican Elephant are still lost in an alternate dimension made from graphic shards of an abstract American flag. The donkey cuts one of the stripes with a giant pair of novelty scissors as if it's a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The Elephant cries out, "No! Stop!"

Panel 2:
Elephant: "Well now you’ve done it. The state of readiness in this dimension was already on the brink of collapse!"
Donkey: "How could you possibly know that?!"

Panel 3:
The Elephant gets out a laptop and boxes full of documents.
Elephant: "I got these leaked classified documents from my gamer Discord channel."
Donkey: "Most of these are racist memes."