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Jan 1Resolutionary War
Jan 2Early Warnings
Jan 3March of Dimes
Jan 4Nuclear Button
Jan 5Very Strict, Zero Deaths
Jan 7Uncle Sam: American Zeitgeist – 12
Jan 8Fourteen Points
Jan 9The Forgotten Know-Nothing Voter
Jan 10Putting the Gerry back in Gerrymander
Jan 11Drill, Baby, Drill
Jan 12Emma Lazarus
Jan 14Uncle Sam: American Zeitgeist – 13
Jan 15Quotable Quotes
Jan 16The Overthrow of Hawaii – Part One: Aloha Oe
Jan 17The Overthrow of Hawaii – Part Two: Committee of Safety
Jan 18The Overthrow of Hawaii – Part Three: The Blount Report
Jan 19The Overthrow of Hawaii – Part Four: Sugar
Jan 21Uncle Sam: American Zeitgeist – 14
Jan 22Shutdown
Jan 23Antideficiency Act
Jan 24Desensitized
Jan 25Deep State
Jan 26Secret Societies
Jan 29Red Carnation
Jan 30State of the Union
Jan 31Release the Memo
Feb 1Kennedys
Feb 2Groundhog Day or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Release the Memo
Feb 5Buck fifty
Feb 6Anybody but Pierce
Feb 7Shirley Chisholm
Feb 8Military Parades
Feb 9Mid-19th Century Remedies
Feb 12The A Files
Feb 13The Easy Way or the Harding Way
Feb 14Frederick Douglass
Feb 16One Nation Under Fire
Feb 19Washington’s Birthday
Feb 20Golf of Mexico
Feb 21Selma Burke
Feb 22Trolls and Bots
Feb 23United States of Blamerica
Feb 26Portraits of Courage
Feb 27Action Jackson
Feb 28Cato
Mar 1Co-Equal Branches of Government
Mar 2Ambrose Burnside
Mar 5Instant Gratification
Mar 6Remember the Alamo
Mar 7Smoot-Hawley
Mar 8First Ladies
Mar 9Korean Peace Talks
Mar 12Daylight Saving
Mar 13The Trial of Andrew Johnson – Part One: March 13, 1868
Mar 14Mexican Border Wall Prototype Review
Mar 15Jack of Wall Trades
Mar 16Memorandum on Robert Smith
Mar 19Mark Felt
Mar 20The Hayes Cabinet
Mar 21Very Nice Things
Mar 22Cambridge Analytica
Mar 23The Trial of Andrew Johnson – Part Two: March 23, 1868
Mar 26Ma, Ma, Where’s My Pa?
Mar 27Crisis Actor
Mar 28We The People – Census
Mar 29Webster–Ashburton Treaty
Mar 30The Trial of Andrew Johnson – Part Three: March 30, 1868
Apr 1Happy Easter from the Hayes Family
Apr 2Jelly Beans
Apr 3Dow Jones
Apr 4Mountaintops
Apr 5Delivery Boy
Apr 6Wear and Tariff
Apr 9The Art of the Surrender
Apr 10Old Fashioned Legal Advice
Apr 11Meeting Face to Facebook
Apr 12Speaker of the House
Apr 13James Callender
Apr 16We The People – Undeclared Majors
Apr 17Tax Day
Apr 18In Tribute: Barbara Bush
Apr 19Hidden Figures
Apr 20A Flash-Bang Grenade Thrown Into Washington
Apr 23Bureaucracy
Apr 24State Dinner
Apr 25Cabinet Picks
Apr 26The New Economy
Apr 27Where’s Woodrow?
Apr 30Reflectioneering
May 2Dragon Energy
May 3Now Hiring
May 4Star Wars Missile Defense
May 7Manchesterian Candidate
May 8A Guide to American Diplomacy
May 9New Deal
May 10Following Orders
May 11Be Best
May 14236 Days of Maria
May 15Essential Consultants
May 16The Trial of Andrew Johnson – Part Four: May 16, 1868
May 17Operation Recolonize
May 18Promised Land of Dreadful Optics